Norcold 300 watt heating element 45 degree bend
Item #N300w5-45
Heating Element / 225 watt,300 watt

This Week Month Special

This listing is for the Norcold 300 watt 45 degree bend Norcold element fits lots of models and the New 4 Door OEM Norcold N2118 Door Refrigerator

Our elements carry a 5 year replacement warranty

N611, N621, N641, N821, N841, N811, N1095 and the N2118

 An easy way to tell which one you have

Larger Diameter is a 90 degree bend or the smaller diameter is the 45 degree bend. Look for element sticking out 10 to 12 inches above the LP Burner with the 2 Black wire, pointing either straight to the left, say 9 o'clock, for the 90 degree radius bend or the 11 o'clock for the 45 degree bend..