634166 Norcold Door Hinge reinforcement repair kit the series of N6, N8, & N1095 before they break out #634166
Item #634166
Norcold Parts

Norcold Reinforced Hinge Kit 634166 (Fits The series of N6, N8, & N1095 Models)

Having to replace your door because it broke out of the plastic base hinge due to excess weight or hard swinging of the door? This reinforced hinge kit includes two Metal reinforcement base hinges and washers for added extra strength to the door. This kit will only work on Norcold series of N6, N8, and N1095 models that have doors with a smooth interior texture. If your door is waffle in texture, this will not work on your hinge. This kit is a recommended replacement part for models that have had the door break off at the lower hinge. If your door has broken off, you will need to replace the door. This hinge kit simply reinforces the new door's lower hinge.

Fits the following models that have doors with a SMOOTH INTERIOR TEXTURE:

  • N611

  • N621

  • N622

  • N641

  • NX641

  • NXA641

  • N811

  • N821

  • N822

  • N841

  • NX841

  • NXA841