61647322 Repair and Return 2 way Norcold Eyebrow PC Board
Item #61647322RR
Norcold Parts

Like Brand-new part with warranty.

You can send the part in, payment would be listed as a Deposit only, that would be refundable if by chance Dinosaur Electronics finds your Eyebrow board not repairable. This is something I have never found to be the case, but if it happens your deposit is refunded.

61647322  2-way Eyebrow board

*AC / DC / Gas operation* Matching Norcold's® part number to our part number

*"Plated holes & soldered thru"*Dimensions: 1.50" x 10.5"

This product has been discontinued. We can only offer a Repair & Return Only at this time.
Works in the following Norcold® refrigerators:

652, 662, 682, 6052, 6062, 6082 6162, 6182, 6621M, 6821M

Once we have your Deposit we will send you a prepaid shipping label for mailing in your Eyebrow PC board. Once we have a total repair cost, normally would be around $85, we you email back the total repair Quote cost. Once approved an invoice Balance will be sent for completing your payment.