Slide out Room Dual Fan Kit with Digital Fan Controls Special designed Kit so you can set the ON & OFF run temps
Item #FKDT-2SO
Air Flow

This is a Special Dual Fan Kit design for Refrigerators installed in Slide out rooms.

You control the fan running ON & OFF temps

2 different Style Fans and Fan Digital Controls

With Digital Fan Control you are able to fine tune your fans to turn ON or OFF as you need. All OEM Fan switches are surface temp set (non adjustable), what if your refrigerator starts to labor to cool due to over heating cause of lack air flow since fans are not running, with the Digital Control you adjust to the needed ON run temp so when your weather condition changes you can change your Fan running temps and the Fan shutting OFF temp as well

We are the only supplier to have this available.

The upper Fan is the model 12038 Fan with a special metal frame to be mounted at an angle allowing upper hot air from the above location of the condenser to blow out the side wall vent door opening.

Next we have the Flush Mount Fan model 12032 to go below the Condenser fins to pull air up from the low vent, up though the coils and through the condenser fins, With good air flow through the condenser fins, it allow move heat to be remove from the inside food zone leaving more cold for your food.

Also these fans are mounted secure, no zip tied to vents door like most competitors.