Norcold Condenser Upgrade 1210 & 1211 2 HV fans and 2 225 watt element Package with Fan switch
Item #1210pkg45
Norcold Parts

This Special package is to replace both fans and both of the AC heating elements for the Norcold series 4 door refrigerators, 1210, 1211 models having the 45 degree bend 225 watt elements. If you have any model needing to have fans and elements replaced be sure to confirm rather they have the 45 degree bend or not. Sometimes when Norcold place a unit under warranty they could ship a different model cooling unit from the original since still would fit, but element could be different. We have kits for both style, fans fits them all. The 45 degree bend style element is a smaller diameter than the 90 degree 225 watt.