Fan Air Flow coil Mounting Fan Kit for Condenser, push on, easy install without removal. Increase air flow better cold inside refrigerator read details..
Item #12032cm
Fans / Fan

This coil mounting kit is a fast, quick easy way to get a high volume of air flow needed by just push on clip to coil by pushing the metal plate to the lower coil of your RV refrigerator cooling unit to supply a nice high volume of air blowing up through to reach the condenser fins at the top of the cooling unit. No need to pull the refrigerator. Fan is the Flush mount Fan model 12032

Some competitors show placing fans on your vent door, using a zip it, OK till it breaks the plastic out the door, vibrates looses, or falls off, also you have to unwire each time you remove vent door for service back of refrigerator.

Our unit is there to stay until you need to lift off, it's not held by zip tie, also fully adjustable up down, angle to direct the air as needed, and to level..

The unit comes with a automatic thermostat Fan switch that will activate the fan to turn ON at around the 85-90 air temp degree and will also have the ON OFF toggle switch so when refrigerator is not used or in storage you can turn power OFF. Also we have a optional Digital Fan control to add so you can control the ON and OFF settings temps to your needs, this would be the very best way to have a fully optional control as you travel around to different areas having different weather temperatures.

Steel plate and powder coated. Master power switch