Air flow Baffle for Condenser CB200 For Larger Refrigerators , closes the gap from wall to condenser fins.
Item #CB200
Air Flow / Air Flow


The add-on condenser Air Flow Baffle will solve your air flow problem, when the RV manufactured failed to build the compartment correct. If the gap from the RV wall over to the Refrigerator Condenser fin is over 1/2 inch your air flow is wasted as it flows through the gap and not though the fins, the Baffle would close the gap, directing the flow through the fins as required.

We offer 2 sizes Part # CB100 for the small width standard refrigerators and the Part # CB200 for the larger wider refrigerators like the Norcold 4 Door 1200 series or the Larger Dometic Side by sides

The Baffle metal is zip tie to the upper cooling unit condenser fin curving down and outer toward the RV wall to close the gap, sealing off the wasted air gap.