UIB64 PC board Water Heater Dinosaur Electronics
Item #UIB64
Atwood / Atwood Water Heater

This is the newest replacement for the Atwood Water Heater, now available.

The UIB 64 is a universal ignitor board specialized to work in Atwood’s® AC/Gas water heaters with “4 + 6 pin or edge” style connectors, or with the single “10 pin” connector used in the latest models. The UIB 64 can also be configured to replace standard ignitor boards that use a single 6 position connector found in older water heaters, refrigerators and furnaces. The UIB 64 shares all of the same features as our UIB Series ignition boards and comes with mounting hardware and a cover. On board diagnostic LEDs to help with troubleshooting.

                                                                  - GREEN LED = Power to the board.

                                                                  - RED LED = Power to the Gas Valve.

                                                                  - Yellow LED = Power to the AC Relay.

The Dinosaur PC Board will carry a 3 year replacement warranty.


*Configured to replace 6 + 4 pin ( and 10 Pin AC/Gas water heaters)

*Can be configured to replace a standard 6 pin DSI ignitor board

*Micro controlled operation and diagnostic LEDs

*Fuse & surge protected 12 VDC operation

*Flame sense through spark electrode (sense wire no longer needed)

*Comes with mounting hardware and cover

*Size: 3.25" x 4.25"