N2118 Polar Max 2118 Norcold Brand-New Amish Built Cooling Unit with New Elements and new LP burner
Item #N2118
Norcold Polar Series / Norcold ,N2118,N2118 Amish Built

N2118 Polar Max 2118 Norcold Brand-New Amish Built Cooling Unit

The Brand-new Amish built Norcold 2118 Polar Max series Cooling Units are on production line out till JULY 25th for shipping, the Brand-new Amish built cooling unit for Norcold N2118 are in high demand now, why wait, get in line. 

This Norcold Polar Series 2118 Amish Built cooling unit replacement coil will be the correct replacement for Norcold Poplar Max 2118.  The Brand-new Amish built cooling unit for the Norcold 2118 is designed to have a cooler boiler operating temp and produces a colder inside.

The cooling unit will come with a New LP Burner and 2 New AC Heating elements. It will look different, but is the correct re-designed coils to fit the N2118.

3 year warranty with option to extend

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Note!!!: You must use the New LP Burner and 2 New elements we ship with unit for this unit. Since the boiler operates at a low heat temperature you must use the LP burner we send with unit, it is still an OEM Norcold part.  The LP burner allows the cooling unit operate and cool better than the OEM 2118 cooling unit with the burner.

All Cooling unit comes with Tube of Thermal Mastic cold Transfer Compound, spray foam sealer to make to the foam block when placed back air tight sealed, and foil back tape to give a nice finish look around the backer


There is a pink sticker on the box stating: "Do not sign for UNIT till you open and inspect checking for Major shipping Damage and/or Leaks". If major damage or ammonia leaks refuse the shipment. If you sign for unit an Major shipping damage found later, you own the unit.

 The demand for the Amish built cooling units is growing faster than production can keep up with, the RV'ers and RV Dealers across the USA are starting to hear about the way the Amish Refrigeration Company changed the way the Norcold Cooling Units are built (see note below). The factory has increased production output to meet demand.

This is an important message below that should be read. 

NOTE! If you noticed the picture of the Amish built Norcold 2118 series cooling unit, the Amish RV Refrigeration Company have changed to a better cooling design, having 2 sets of lower loops on the back to allow for better air flow and able to maintain colder during hotter weather than before and no recall kits needed, since the complete cooling unit coils tubing is built with some tubing  50% thicker tubing wall, Plus now the evaporator tubing is a full one inch  able to make a colder unit. Also, other added design, boiler tube runs 100's of degree cooler, double loops, they built into the upper condenser fins a double pass through tubing allowing the air to pass through the fins causing to Ammonia Vapor to condense with less air flow.  All these added designs give your Amish built cooling unit a very high degree of cold during the hottest weather without causing your coils to over heat and fail.

Warranty for 3 years for any cooling problem with the option to extend. Just think, OEM Norcold coils want give more than one year warranty, these are 3 years, plus option to extend.