1210 Norcold 4 Door Cooling Unit Built by the Amish.
Item #1210
Norcold Cooling unit / Norcold ,1210IM,1210LRIM,1210T

Norcold 1210 series

The Brand-new Amish built Norcold 1200 4 Door series  cooling units for the Norcold 1210 models are Available!

If you are wanting new AC elements, New Fans, and Fan switch you need to select this link;


3 year warranty with the option to extend

correct way for a Norcold 1210 series cooling unit install PDF below

Click Below for the PDF File


The 1210 model uses 2 of the 225 watt heating elements 45 degree bend so you can slide your elements out to transfer over to your replacement .

All Cooling unit comes with Tube of Thermal Mastic cold Transfer Compound, spray foam sealer to make to the foam block when placed back air tight sealed, and foil back tape to give a nice finish look around the backer


There is a Bold sticker on the box stating: "Do not sign for UNIT till you open and inspect checking for Major shipping Damage and/or Leaks". If major damage or ammonia leaks present refuse the shipment. If you sign for unit and Major shipping damage found later, you own the unit.