300 Watt Electric Heating Element Norcold 90 degree bend
Item #N300W5
Heating Element

300 watt Norcold heating element 90 degree bend

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This listing is for the Norcold 300 watt Heating Element 90 degree bend Norcold  300 watt Heating Element 90 degree.

All of our elements carry a 5 year replacement warranty

N611, N621, N641, N821, N841, N811, or the N1095 plus a lot more models.

 An easy way to tell which one you have

Larger Diameter is a 90 degree bend or the smaller diameter is the 45 degree bend. Look for element sticking out about 10 to 12 inches above the LP Burner with the 2 Black wires,
pointing either straight to the left, say toward 9 o’clock for the 90 degree radius bend or toward 11 o’clock for the 45 degree bend..

❅ Norcold Heating Element AC 120v 300w. Heating Element are an easy do It Yourself Change type of JOB , Slide one out and Slide replacement in.

✿ Our Replacement aftermarket element  Includes wire lead with terminal ends.

✪ Installs easy and works like the original one, way longer warranty. 100% of the products have been rigorously tested to ensure that each product received by our user can work perfectly.

   A Norcold  OEM will only have a one year warranty all of  RV Cooling Unit Warehouse element have  a 5 year replacement warranty

YES, we have a 5 year replacement warranty if the element fails from the date of purchase.

The note here is Example only for reference : You need to check  ohms of the element before replacing. According to service manual, a good heating element should have an ohms measurement depending on the wattage of the element being tested.  An element tested with a reading range of 44 ohms would be an element for  the Dometic RM2652 using the using  325 watt  or when testing any Refrigerator element use OHMs Law. If the reading shows ohms + or – , Do not immediately consider replacing it with a new one. Check OHMs Laws. Different brand elements have different voltage ratings  so a rating of 325 watt at 120 VAC would read different OHMs  than an element rating of 325 watt  115 VAC .  Hope this Helps some for different element OHMs testing.


Our elements carry a 5 year replacement warranty