NDR1292 Dometic Brand-New Cooling Unit, built by the Amish
Item #NDR1292
Dometic / Dometic

 NDR1292 cooling unit Amish Built

The word about the replacement cooling units built by the Amish RV Refrigeration is traveling across the USA at a very fast pace. More and more RV'ers and RV Dealers now have found out about the cooling unit built by the Amish, built with tubing wall thickest 50% thicker, limitating all recall problems and boiler failures due to over heating. They also found out with the brand-new built units will give them 15 to 20 years of service, not the short life of a remanufactured cooling unit. Of course, searching the web finding remanufactured a cooling unit for this model are a lower price, but only have a life of about 2 to 3 years before the cooling unit fails again, plus all customers still have to have all recalls installed to prevent the fires that's are more common with the OEM use of thin tubing. We only sell the Brand-new Amish built cooling unit coils for the NDR1292

3 year warranty with the option to extend

The Dometic NDR1292 aftermarket cooling units are now in stock, with more are in production. If you place an order today it will be a few days till shipped. . Special shipping price....Amish built Brand-new cooling units, ready to ship. Order yours today, void the rush. These Amish built cooling units for the Dometic's are completely redesigned. Save 1000's of dollars. Replace it yourself.

All Cooling unit comes with Tube of Thermal Mastic cold Transfer Compound, spray foam sealer to make to the foam block when placed back air tight sealed, and foil back tape to give a nice finish look around the backer



The Larger side by side cooling units can only be shipped by Truck Freight. 

Click the link below to watch the Video to show change out details: