Frame mount Condenser Fan Kit for 2 Fans with wire Harness and thermostat Dometic
Item #FMT-K
Fans / Fans

The fans and Fan holder Frame bracket kit is special made to hold 1, 2 fans or 3 fans if needed, the picture shows 3 fans, but only 2 fans comes in the kit. This kit will work with any Standard Dometic refrigerator. Since this is not a OEM style it may in some cases need a little tweaking to mount. Never had a customer not be able to mount, wire, and use as the install is simple. Not designed for the Norcold or no outer frame Models or the Side by Side models, but we do have other style that will work for increasing the air flow the through the condenser fins.

 The more air flow through the condenser fins, the faster and colder the cooling unit will keep your food zone of your RV refrigerator.

  The bracket is made to mount in any needed way, on any RV Refrigerator to hold your added fans. 

 It will also have a loose extend plate with the main bracket holder, so it can be used for the larger 4 Door refrigerators, to the small single door, Large side by side,  and double door units.

The picture shown is for example (only) of how it's made for mounting a 3rd fan, but 3 fans do not come with bracket kit, only 2 fans are standard with kit


Kit will have 2 fans, fan runs during day, if temps are above 85, and will be off during the night with cooler night temps.

We have additional fan for mounting if you want the 3rd fan or you can use any brand or style, it's your choice.

  • Kit will have bracket holder made for 3 fan, but only 2 fans comes with kit

  • 2 DC fans-3000RPM each CFM 46.5

  • a thermostat for fan activation for any temp above 85 degrees, thermostat hangs loose to read air temp.

  • wiring lead from any DC power source to fans

  • wired to Refrigerator PC board light circuit

  • When refrigerator in ON the fans are ON if temps above 85 degrees

  • The fan wired switch fans runs during the day OFF at night or during cooler weather

  • Fan are DC Brushless

  • Amp Draw 0.25 each

  • Ball Bearing for long life

  • Each Fan size is 3 5/8 x 3 5/8