12038WS set 2 Fan Package with fan switch for either OEM Norcold CU or Amish CU
Item #12038WS
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This is a limited time offer SPECIAL, get ready for your camping and traveling RV'n Season.

This is a replacement of 2 high volume 12038 fans with the thermostat fan switch for the Norcold Refrigerator Cooling Units. Both fans and switch are used on all Norcold 4 Door models. You can either replace your defective fans or use this to fan upgrade, in order to supply more needed air flow, to keep the back side of RV refrigerator cooling unit . You need a great high volume fans to pull in the air through the lower vent to get the flow through the condenser fins.

Norcold uses fans to increase the air flow through the upper condenser and to lower the high heat temps, keeping lower heat to prevent failure due to either high ambient temps or boiler failure cracks from over heating of the coils.

On all Norcold refrigerators, if you get the code of "NO CO", be sure to confirm the fans are working during refrigerator use. The fan failure is the most common problem of cooling unit failure or lack of cold in the refrigerator food zone.

This 2 Fans and Fan switch package is better than 1/2 of the retail price.

We will need to Know rather your unit is the Amish built CU or the OEM CU so we send the correct Fan temp switch

You do not want to replace the cooling unit, when all you needed was 2 fans.