Norcold 180 watt heating 300 series
Item #180w5ws
Heating Element / 180 watt

Norcold 180 watt heating for 300 series Part number is 6199063 or 630809 

This listing is for the 180 watt AC heating element used for some of the Norcold N300 series. This aftermarket element is covered under a replacement warranty for 5 years, not like original OEM Norcold element to only have a 1 year warranty. This price is will be going OFF very soon, RV tech's, RV Dealers, and customers need to act now, even if not needed now, buy it for future needs.

This element will also fit and work with other Brand and Models using a 180 watt element. element is 9.52 mm dia. Dometic or Norcold


Norcold Part number is 6199063 or 630809 depending on production date, this element is for either one. The newer Norcold N300 series.